Fresh Food Box - FAQ

1.      Where do I get my Fresh Food Box?

Your box will be available for pick up on the assigned date at The Table Community Food Centre (190 Gore Street E) in Perth.  Pick up time is between 2-5 pm.
If you are unable to come to us for your box, contact Aisha at 613-267-6428 ext 6 and we can arrange a delivery option.

2.      How often is the box available?

The box is available in the 1st and 3rd week of each month.

3.      How much does the box cost?

A large box costs $20 and a small box is $12.  The value of the food in your box is much higher than the cost.  A large box is valued at approximately $30-$35 and a small box $20.

4.      How to I order and pay for my food box?

You can use our convenient on line order and payment system for your food box. Go to our website if you are choosing this option.  If you are not able to order and pay on line; contact Aisha at The Table.  613-267-6428 ext 6

5.      How long do I have to pick up my box?

Please pick up your box during the allotted time; any unclaimed boxes will be donated to the Good Food Bank at the end of the day.

6.      Can I specify what I would like in my food box?

Unfortunately, no you cannot choose your box contents.  We buy the produce in bulk, based on the numbers of orders we have for that day. It is the bulk buying that allows us to offer you the value in the box.  Everyone gets the same food.

7.      What if I don’t like what is in my box?

We hope that you will give the carefully chosen food in your box a try; we will include a recipe for an item in the box each time.  If you really don’t like what is in your box, please share with a friend or neighbour.

8.      Can anyone order a food box?

Yes, the program is open to anyone in the community.